About this Multi-Pack of Kochs

The story of our lives together began in 1991. Jeff Koch and Angela Leonard, two engineering students at the University of Michigan, both involved in Cru (then called Campus Crusade for Christ), met for the first time after a Cru student gathering. Coincidentally, they ended up living in the same apartment complex the following year.  Jeff, a senior, lived with three other Cru students, Angela, a sophomore, lived with three other Cru students. Their friendship grew deeper throughout the year over practical jokes, prayer meetings with Cru, and hamburger helper.

The summer of 1992 changed the trajectory of both of their lives.  They both participated in Cru summer missions: Jeff in Southern California (Newport Beach), where he worked at a nuclear power plant; and Angela in Wildwood, NJ., where she worked at a water park.  That summer, Jeff realized that God was calling him to let go of Nuclear Engineering and to invest a few years in Cru.  Angela grew spiritually that summer as well and returned to the University of Michigan with a heart to talk to her peers about Jesus, just as she had learned to do over the summer.  It soon became clear to her that she should pursue working full-time with Cru.

Jeff joined the full-time staff of Cru in 1993, Angela in 1994.  Their first assignment:  Purdue University.  This is where they began dating.  In 1996, Jeff transferred to Cru Headquarters in Orlando to be assistant to the President and Founder of Cru, Dr. Bill Bright.  They were married in 1997 and Angela began working in the Office of Communications.  In 1998, they moved to East Asia for a year-long STINT (Short Term INTernational) assignment.  In 1999, they moved back the the U.S. and worked at Clemson University while Angela helped care for her dying mom.  It was in 2000 that they began having children and moved to Chicago.  Jeff began to co-direct the Chicago Metro Campus Ministry of Cru in 2003.

And the Magnificent Seven:
Brittany Koch: Rising Junior at Jones College Prep High School in Chicago. Brittany is the poet in the family; she loves writing poetry and prose. She also reads anything she can get her hands on.  And, oh yeah, Hamilton the Musical!

Joshua Koch: Rising Freshman at Jones College Prep High School in Chicago.  Joshua loves soccer, taking things apart and putting them(mostly) back together, and reading.  He is pursuing the rank of Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts–only a few more merit badges and a project to go! He also keeps the peace amongst his siblings.

Elise Koch: Rising 7th grader at our Home School (The “Koch Academy”). Elise is the crafty one; her Interests include baking, sewing, soccer, reading, going to library with her friends (usually to craft things), Pinterest and Google Hangouts with friends near and far.

Cora Koch: Rising 5th grader at the Koch Academy.  Cora enjoys soccer, reading, hanging out with her best friend, and playing “Peanuts” with Elise and/or Lydia.

Lydia Koch: Rising 3rd grader at the Koch Academy. Lydia’s loves include soccer, reading, swimming and drawing.

Caleb Koch: Rising 1st grader at the Koch Academy.  Interests include soccer, Minecraft, candy, Minecraft, drawing, Minecraft and drawing Minecraft.  And more candy. (Want to see him really flip out? Tell him there is Minecraft candy!)

David Koch: He’s only four, but don’t tell him he’s not part of our Home School – he wouldn’t believe you anyway. David is most Interested in creating mischief, climbing on things, jumping off things, apples, Minecraft, candy, and teasing Caleb.

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